To help those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, Sanctus Real announced, last Friday, that they are offering their upcoming single, Changed, two weeks early to their fans in hopes to raise money to directly help the families and community of Rockport, Texas. The band was originally scheduled to perform in Rockport at Seafair on October 15. "Watching a town we are scheduled to perform in later this Fall get hit by Hurricane Harvey caused us to want to find a way to help immediately," Sanctus Real's Chris Rohman said.


Singer-songwriter Natasha Owens decided to donate all proceeds from the retail sales of her new album, We Will Rise, through the end of the year. "I’m proud to be a Texan, and even more proud of the way that people are coming together to help others in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey,” said Natasha, whose own church is on the ground in Houston offering assistance. “Psalm 46:1 says 'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’ That’s the truth we hold to right now. Jesus is faithful to revive. We will rise!” Natasha starts a U.S. tour with Carman.

From Brandon Heath:

"I lost my Dad [Sunday]. It's been a long hard couple of days for me, but it's been a long hard 4 years for him. He's been very sick for a long time. While there's some relief to see his battle end and his adventure in Heaven begin, there's grief down here. I found out Saturday that he was slipping away, and this slideshow of us together started playing in my mind. It was honestly so beautiful. Memories of him that I had forgotten came back like post cards from the past that just got lost in the mail. He was not only a good dad, he was a good man. He loved people really well, but he was crazy about me. My mom told him early on she might not ever be able to have a child because of some health complications. And here I am. I was strong through the whole thing yesterday, until I got home last night. I fell on my bed and I was 4 years old again, missing my daddy. I miss him today too. And I will tomorrow. I'm supposed to be in Colorado tomorrow with a bunch of my friends playing on the Red Rocks stage. It's a holy place. I thought about pulling out. But honestly I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. Worshiping and joining the choir of praises for a God who is Love! And as we sing toward heaven, as my friend Al put it "My hunch is that it will be the featured music at the welcome party he is currently enjoying. Can’t you imagine the announcement, “And now, for a special surprise!— Brandon Heath (unedited)

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