Country and Christian Country artist Lari White died yesterday at 52. Winner of three Grammy awards for Amazing Grace: A Country Salute to Gospel (1996); Amazing Grace 2: A Country Salute to Gospel (1998); The Apostle Soundtrack (1999), all in the category Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album. She costarred with Tom Hanks in the 2000 film Cast Away. On September 27, 2017 she was diagnosed with Cancer, identified in October as advanced Peritoneal Cancer. Her last posting on her website said "All I ask is that you keep singing! Make a joyful noise, because I believe Our Creator loves the sound! I will deeply appreciate your thoughts and prayers . . ." "Gutted by this news," Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Broadway phenomenon Hamilton, wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. "Taught alongside (White) in the ASCAP Songwriters' program one summer – you've never met a kinder, more talented songwriter."

Grammy and Dove Award-nominated Fireflight independently releases its first new song in nearly three years, I Won’t Look Back, February 9, the first of several new songs releasing this year.
Produced by Fireflight and Josiah Prince (Disciple), “I Won’t Look Back” was inspired by John 10:10 and arrives in the wake of the “Me Too” social media movement that has given birth to the voice of those that have been victims of sexual misconduct. An empowering anthem meant to break the binds of those who have suffered abuse, Fireflight loudly offers bold lyrics for victims to declare:
 I’ve come to take back what was stolen, your power is broken
I'll drop a match in the shadow, as you explode,
I won't look back

The Oak Ridge Boys announce the release of their Lightning Rod Records forthcoming project 17th Avenue Revival, on March 16.
“Having been in The Oak Ridge Boys for almost 52 years,” says Duane Allen, “it can be difficult for me to imagine a place where we have not been. However, [producer] Dave Cobb had that vision, and the result is 17th Avenue Revival.”
“Old roads turned into new roads on this album,” adds Oaks’ member Joe Bonsall.
For the new project, Cobb’s vision for the group was to dig way back into their roots of gospel music. But a different kind of gospel. One that took a hard look at the early days of rock and roll, which was influenced by spiritual, or black gospel.
Under Cobb’s direction, they touched on uncharted territory—and for a long-tenured act like The Oak Ridge Boys, that’s saying something. Somewhat retro, yet new and fresh at the same time, there was no vocal stacking and very few overdubs. For two of the songs, the Boys gathered around one microphone and let the harmonies shine, just as Dave Cobb had planned initially.
The Griffith Family, announced the release of the group’s first concept video, based on the group’s current single That’s Who He Is.
This inspiring video speaks of how we receive love and forgiveness when we make mistakes, because that’s just how He is: a kind, loving, forgiving Savior.
"That’s Who He Is” is the debut single from their debut recording for New Day Records which will release this Spring.
Tony Griffith stated, "I can't tell you what it means to be a part of a song like this. We have seen God use it night after night. What an amazing testimony of his love and grace."

Liberated, the full-length debut from Word artist Zealand, will release February 9. The follow-up to 2015’s Zealand Worship - The EP, Liberated was produced by Brent Milligan (Colony House, Tauren Wells), as well as Philip Zach (Remedy Drive) and Galen Crew.
Zealand founder and frontman Phil Joel co-penned all of the project’s 10 selections. “The heart behind this album is to see people—from the earliest age possible—get LIBERATED from the things that hold them back and weigh them down," he explains. "We want to witness others get excited about life and embrace the vision and adventure God has for each one of us.” 

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