ChristianFM has promoted weekend air talent Eric Allen to its daily syndicated lineup, making his show available immediately to 24/7 affiliates and via FTP for other individual stations. Allen, a veteran of K-Love, Air1, and WONU/Chicago, has been doing weekends at ChristianFM for the past year while finishing his masters work in counseling from Huntington University. “While I was never far from radio the last couple years, as I was voicetracking and fundraising, the break from full-time radio was very refreshing and healing for me (I highly recommend it)," Allen says. "I’ll always aim to do a fun show, but my work in counseling has been eye-opening into what really matters to people. The hope is to do a show that is both fun and truly meaningful for the listener.”

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Easy to startAlmost everything CMW publishes is free. No membership fees. No annual fees. No requirement to buy anything to be a reporter. No purchase necessary to get the free PDF delivery. But we do have a premium level to this website. With your annual subscription, you'll get access to the entire charts, and not just the top-10.


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Native RTL SupportOur business model is different from the other publications. They charge big money for the publication and then give away the list of surveyed stations. This means the important data for promoters is free, while radio stations bear the higher cost, effectively just for the right of reporting. CMW's business model charges radio nothing. Zero. Nada. But we do charge for the reporters list.


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